Our Charitable Trust

Our charity exists to seek donations from individuals and organizations in Australia to provide direct funding to the Philippines General Hospital (PGH), which is the country’s largest hospital.  Located in Manila, this famous hospital governed by the University of the Philippines, is often the very last bastion of care for parents and their children.  Our charity proudly supports the surgeons, medical staff and patients of this great institution.

Our charitable purpose is simply to:

  • Provide funding to indigent patients who can’t afford their own treatment. This will target specific cases of disease treatment and prevention for individuals and families, who face quite drastic situations and no ability to fund treatment.
  • Provide funds for the largest medical training facility in the country, in order to enhance disease prevention and treatment activities. Through education this funding focuses on sustainable disease treatment and prevention.

Our charity commenced in 2013, when a number of teams at a major energy company based in Sydney and Melbourne decided that together with our Philippines colleagues, we wanted to have a charity drive over the winter months and make a difference.

The Trustee of PGH Charity has been established to continue to support the medical community and patients of the PGH. You can save a life and make a difference. Find more information on our About Us page.

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