The Philippine General Hospital


The PGH is the largest training hospital in the Philippines, but is underfunded and a large number of patients are at the lowest level of the socio-economic scale and require help to pay for surgical procedures, medical supplies and treatments.  The PGH tackles all types of injuries and diseases and while focusing on the indigent population; treatment is still unaffordable for most.

In order to assist the PGH we work with their surgeon's charitable foundation - the Foundation of the Advancement of Surgical Education (FASE).  This charitable surgeon community is a registered NGO established on 21 August 2000. Its main purpose is the education and further training for the treatment and prevention of disease and surgical procedures and importantly providing funding for indigent patient medical needs. They are the Angels of PGH.

We are honoured to work with this noble Foundation to ensure that our charitable funds can be efficiently and directly used to help the poorest patients and to also assist in the ongoing education of the medical community at the PGH.

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